Well, a week after the storm, on St Patrick’s Day, we went snowshoeing for a few hours from the Mt Rose Campground to Tahoe Meadows and back, a bit less than three miles all told.

Ingrid breaking trail.

The original idea was a winter summit attempt on Mt Rose herself, but we got discouraged at the beginning by no clear boot track from the parking lot and anyway we still weren’t that familiar with the snowshoes. So instead we walked across the highway and went for a stroll through the Mt Rose Campground and then down to Tahoe Meadows, where we enjoyed a mid-morning snack.

It’s been warm the last few days, so the snow was a bit crusty on top, which made the snowshoeing a little less pleasant and a lot louder! But despite the crusty surface, it was still soft and deep just below and the snowshoes were necessary pretty much as soon as we got off the clear pavement.

I definitely intend to get up Mt Rose this winter, or at least before the snow is gone. It might be easier to navigate up the Relay Ridge Road. Another idea we have is to make it an overnight, since we move much more slowly over deep snow, and that’s the only kind of snow we have up here.

Me on snowshoes

Bella was injured a year ago walking in deep snow, and so we left her behind for this hike. She would not have enjoyed it after the first few minutes. We felt very bad leaving her behind, and that was one reason we cut the hike short and headed back before noon.

Moar pics here.

One of the highlights of the day occurred as we were driving home down Mt Rose Highway. Between Edmonton Drive and Bargary Way we saw no fewer than 20 mule deer bounding along in people’s backyards a few feet from the highway. It was remarkable, I’d never seen so many deer at once. We pulled off the highway to watch them for a few minutes after they stopped running and simply milled around in the sage.