Back in the early 2000s I maintained a vanity website called Urban Redneck. One of the sections on that site detailed the career of my grandfather in the US Navy’s Asiatic Fleet in the 1920s, based on a collection of old photographs I had and some on-line research. That old website of static pages disappeared from the Internet some ten or more years ago, though of course I still have the HTML files stored locally.

Recently I was contacted by a cousin in Australia. I didn’t know I had any cousins in Australia, but I do indeed and one of them has been collecting genealogical information on our family for 25 years. He wanted to know if I had any detailed information about my father’s family. I don’t, really. The best I could really offer him was my old account from 2001 of my grandfather’s activities in China and the Philippines in the 1920s. So I uploaded the files to this server and sent him a link. You can read about my grandfather here:

Kid Red in the Far East.

The images are small because that’s how we rolled on-line back in the double-aughts. When I get a chance, I’d like to re-scan the photos and re-post the story of Kid Red in the WordPress database. Until them, you can enjoy my little blast from the past (that is, the 1920s Asiatic Fleet and the early 2000s internet).