Sorry I didn’t get a photo. Maybe next time.

Today dawned cloudless, with snow thickly covering the surrounding mountains and hills. It was a full moon last night, and as I commuted into work (driving mostly into the west) I watched it slide behind the Sierra Nevada.

It was quite a sight. By chance, the moon, which was huge this morning, slipped behind the ridge just as the latter caught the first rays of the sun streaming over the Virginia Range. I was a glorious sight and would have made a spectacular photograph from the top of my street.

So for future reference, here are some of the conditions necessary to witness (and record) this wonderful phenomenon again:

Sunrise today was at 6:47am, while the moonset was at 7:03am. Obviously, the moon sets behind a different part of the mountains throughout the year, and the snow and cloudless sky certainly helped in the effect. And the full moon. Tomorrow the sunrise and moonset should correspond similarly to this morning, but it’s supposed to be stormy. We probably won’t even see the moon.