It was about 14 degrees (F) when I left the house this morning at 6:15, which I think is as cold as it ever gets in Reno. That’s pretty cold if you are from SoCal or Florida, but compared to much of the rest of the country it’s not very cold at all.

So that’s all right then.

Last weekend’s snow is gone from most of the city, but our front lawn is on the north side of the house, so the snow lingers there, with a nightly accretion of coyote and quail tracks. It’s really wonderful.

BTW, one of the first things I learned about dealing with the cold: we have a big chain link gate at the entrance to our office parking lot that we share with two other businesses, and since I’m always the first one to arrive in the morning it’s my job to unlock the padlock that secures the gate. The first really cold morning we experienced after moving here I couldn’t open the lock, no matter what. It was frozen. So I had to park the car outside and walk around the building to get in.

Later in the day (after we finally got the gate open) I asked one of the other building tenants about this and she said it’s a common problem, all you have to do is hold the lock in your bare hand for about 45 seconds and it warms enough that it can be unlocked. And sure enough, it works just as she said, and that’s what I’ve been doing about a third of the mornings for the last three winters.