Bad Harvest sticker

The Bad Harvest forum will be shut down at the end of January 2019 after over a decade of continuous operation. The Bad Harvest forum emotes will be available here for a while.

Why is the Forum Shutting Down?

Before saying anything or committing any act, you should always ask yourself Why? Why do I need to say that? Why do I need to do that? I confess it’s not that easy to do that consistently; but at the very least the thoughtful person will ask after the fact: Why did I say that? Why did I do that?

I believe there is widespread misunderstanding as to why I set up the Bad Harvest forum in the first place, and what I mean by “free speech.” The Bad Harvest forum was inaugurated at a time of global financial collapse as well as a decline in the redboards due to heavy-handed moderation. My idea was to establish a truly unmoderated forum so users could post whatever they wanted, under registered monikers or anonymously, without having to worry about being edited by drama queen forum administrators and their helpers, as was common at the time. This was what was meant by “free speech;” freedom from oppressive moderation, not the freedom to post “NIGGER!” and “KIKE!” all day long.

In 2008, people were much freer than they are today to post brainless racist drivel on-line; so giving racists a soapbox of their own was never my primary objective. Things are different now; online speech is much less free for people with hateful or even unfashionable views, it is far more regulated; and while I agree that’s regrettable in what is supposed to be a free society, it’s not really my problem.

Also, as recently as a decade ago the redboards were far more civil than they are today. Oh, by 2008 the shut-ins had chased off most of the women (at least a third of the FuckedCompany forum membership must have been female back in the day), but back then discussion topics ranged a bit farther than partisan politics, how the Jews control our lives, and how black people ruin everything. Not so anymore. The Bad Harvest forum no longer has any substantial appeal for anyone who isn’t a virulent racist, antisemite or misogynist, or all of the above. It certainly has nothing to offer me and so I often wondered why I bother with it.

There are other more serious considerations as well. When Robert Gregory Bowers shot up a Pittsburgh synagogue in November of last year, a great deal of attention was directed at the on-line platforms he used before the shooting. “Hate speech” remains legal in the US, but it has already been outlawed in much of the rest of the world, and there is little doubt in my mind the Bad Harvest forum would be considered a “hate site” by most of the media should they ever see it. Given that I am not even sympathetic to the racism, antisemitism and misogyny that make up the bulk of the Bad Harvest forum content, I became, quite reasonably, alarmed at the thought of what might happen to me and my business should my site fall under widespread scrutiny in the wake of the next inevitable maniac atrocity.

I’d been thinking about the fate of the Bad Harvest forum throughout the autumn of 2018, but the reaction to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting settled things for me.

This New Year’s Day I find myself reading Henry David Thoreau, who “went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately.” I, too, would like to live more deliberately in the future, to possibly “front only the essential facts of life . . . and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” I don’t see where hosting a message board like today’s Bad Harvest forum fits in that. It’s all actual and potential downsides with no upside at all.