Spent Saturday at Bishop Creek. Gorgeous color.


More pics here.

Definitely too much driving and sitting around in the car for Bella’s taste, but I think we had a nice weekend. Left work an hour early Friday for the two hours drive down to Bridgeport, where we spent the night in a very dog-friendly motel, the Silver Maple Inn. It was a lovely drive once we were south of Carson City. I think the cottonwoods along the Walker River will peak in a week or two, maybe even later.

Up at 5:00am Saturday and another couple hours down to Bishop Creek. Lots of people there, mostly Koreans. By the middle of the day I was tired of looking at autumn colors, so we drove back to Bridgeport. I had a few beers in one of the two bars in town, then met a couple out on the central lawn of the motel who had a brown Lab and were drinking wine. I had two bottles of my own to contribute, and after a while we were joined by a third couple and their Boston terrier puppy. The dogs had a great time playing with each other while we adults drank wine into the evening, finally having dinner together at a place across the street.

Then up early again this morning and back to Sparks.

I decided not to stop at Hope Valley or June Lake because after Saturday morning I just wasn’t interested anymore.