We recently received the following e-mail”

To: sales@mesatactical.com

Congrats on the move to NV!!

The escape from Kalifornya is long overdue!!

Question: Will you boycotting state LE in Kalifornya due to the what the state has done to its citizens as Barrett has??

A California gun owner

Our reply was short and polite, but what I wanted to write was this:

As a matter of fact, no, we will not be boycotting California law enforcement agencies.

Aside from the rights or the wrongs of the question, which are largely a matter of opinion, Mesa Tactical depends upon LE for about half of our sales. Some of our largest customers include Los Angeles County Sheriff Office, Orange County Sheriff Department and the LAPD.

One fact that is conspicuous in the movement to boycott California LE is most of the companies that are publicly announcing it, with one or two exceptions, in fact have very little LE sales (like Barrett). Certainly none of them depend on LE sales as we do. It is easy to take a stand when it costs you nothing.

Speaking personally, almost all my personal savings and any possibility of retirement are wrapped up in Mesa Tactical. I don’t know of anyone who has willingly bankrupted himself and surrendered a comfortable retirement for the sake of California gun rights, yet almost every week I am asked (in some cases demanded) to make this sacrifice.

The best thing you and every other California gun owner can do to restore your gun rights is evangelize to your neighbors, to your colleagues, to your friends. Take n00bs to the range. Show them safe gun handling and responsible shooting. This is something I and the other employees of Mesa Tactical have been doing for the last five years, on a monthly basis. But this is also something most of the gun owners (certainly not all) with which I acquainted myself through NRA Members Councils and other local gun rights organizations and clubs simply refuse to do. They hide their guns and their enthusiasm. They act ashamed. And then they wonder why the rest of the population thinks they have something to be ashamed of. And when the legal environment goes south, they ask for others to make sacrifices on their behalves.

This is one of the reasons we left California.

I wish I had a happier reply to your question, but I am sure you can see why we can’t make the statements other manufacturers have taken.

Thanks you for your note,