This week I have been struggling to complete a product line extension, trying to get it into production and off my desk so I can move on to the many other projects that we have prioritized.

This week’s project is a typical one. It is for a line of shell carriers (and two optics rails) that are derived from a single custom aluminum extrusion profile. As usual, there are three configurations (four-, six- and eight-shell aluminum versions) of two different rail lengths, plus a polymer shell carrier for each; doubled, as they are for two different shotgun platforms that will use the same extruded aluminum bracket; plus the two optics rails.

So the total number of new SKUs is 18. To define these 18 new SKUs there are a total of 82 new part numbers and processes; 36 multi-part assemblies (including SKUs); 17 machining assemblies; and 14 plating assemblies. The bills of materials for all these assemblies have to be defined (I use Excel). Then there are a total of 18 engineering drawings to be completed, in PDF and DXF formats. Here are all the parts laid out:

Basically you see two examples of each part (one for the Mossberg 500 and one for the Mossberg 930, which share similar – though not identical – receiver dimensions), plus the three cut extrusion lengths.

It’s hard for me to focus on this during this week’s equatorial heat, and even tougher when the phone rings.

This project is necessary but boring. I have done similar things many times. Some of the things I move onto next are a lot more exciting, but I gotta get through this one first.

Eighty-two new parts and processes. Jesus.